Hi Cecilia! When and how did you start sailing?

My parents got my sister and I started on sailing to keep us busy. I was 8 back then and my mum thought it would be a good idea as I was hyperactive and needed an activity to burn off all that excess energy. Sailing looked like a good option as I would be stuck on the boat and seated for hours during training. I just grew to love the sport with all the excitement and adrenaline it gave me when I compete.

How was your overseas training experience?

Overseas training experiences are all special and different in their own ways. The different conditions unique to the country always give us a challenge. It has been a great and wonderful opportunity to be able to visit many countries and sail in their waters. And not to forget the international friends we make when traveling!

I have sailed and trained in many countries including France (Hyeres, La Rochelle), Brazil (Rio, Buzios), USA (Miami, Clearwater), and Germany (Kiel), among many others.

How did  you cope with school and competitive training?

I attended Singapore Sports School and they helped me a lot with balancing school and sailing. We would miss about half of our school term! Luckily, I had amazing teachers that would give me one-on-one classes when are back in school to make up for the classes that we missed.

How does sailing challenge you?

Sailing is a sport where you can never get the same weather and sea conditions even at the same venue. To be able to adapt to the what nature decides to throw at you is a challenge on its own.

How does sailing teach teamwork?

Sailing has taught me that one of the most important things about teamwork is to have good communication within the team. Being able to be open about our thoughts and having to make compromises for each other would go a long way in a team. Good communication on the boat ensures smooth sailing !

What does it mean to be a champion?

A champion to me is to win events and having the respect from the rest of your competitors. To play fair and be humble even you are at the top. To be supported and looked up to by others as a role model.