Hi Jillian! When and how did you start sailing?

I wanted to do track as a CCA in primary school when I was young but I was too slow and didn’t make the cut. Following that, I was really sad but my parents pushed me asked me to give sailing a try, which I did. It wasn’t easy getting into the school sailing team because I was a year older than my peers. Kids my age were already in the intermediate level but I had just started. Luckily, I progressed really quickly and never looked back.


How are your overseas training experience?

Overseas trips are always a blast. You’re skipping school to travel and sail?! How lucky is that?! The best trips are the ones where we had a big group going because everyone can be silly together and have fun. Of course, there are the occasional scolding by the team managers and coaches, but that was all part of the experience.

Training overseas is vastly different from training in Singapore. Firstly, the sea and wind conditions are much more challenging. In Singapore, we tend to get calmer winds and swells due to our geographical location. On the other hand, the places that we go to train in have bigger waves and stronger winds. The locations we go to are usually chosen because of the different environmental conditions. Secondly, trainings are a lot more intense because you are full time sailors when you go on training stints. There are morning and afternoon water/gym sessions and this is something you would not be able to do if you were in Singapore because you would have to go to school. Lastly, you are with your teammates and friends, day in day out, and you get little parental supervision! There is probably one team manager to a group of 12 kids. Training was still tough but we had loads of fun, I wouldn’t have given up the opportunity for the world.

Locations I’ve been to : New Zealand, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Malaysia, Thailand, Belgium, Australia (I honestly can’t remember; there have been too many).


What has been the most challenging part about getting to the Asian Games?

The effort you would need to put in is 10-fold that of what I had to put in for the SEA Games. I know the level I need to reach to give myself a chance of doing well at the Asian Games. That level is not attainable without sacrificing significant things like school and social life, and replacing it with time in the gym or on the water.


What is your biggest fear?

Giving my best, but my best not being enough.


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