Hi Ynez! When and how did you start sailing? 

I started sailing the Optimist when I was nine. I was introduced to sailing by my primary school teacher, whose daughters were sailors. He asked my older sister and I to go down one weekend with my parents to try it out.

At the beginning, I was so scared to be alone in the boat because I was afraid I would crash into the breakers after launching since I didn’t know how to read the wind yet. Slowly as time passed, I got the hang of it and became more daring and fearless! I was never good at the Optimist so after 4 years, I decided to stop sailing.

I was then enrolled into SACSS where I was introduced to windsurfing. I got the hang of it really quickly like it was in my blood. Uncle Robert was coaching the school at the time and he told me I had potential hence I gave it a go and here I am now! (:


How were your overseas training experiences like?

My first overseas trip was when I was 13. We were going to Hong Kong for Hong Kong Open. It was also the first time I experienced choppy waves, strong cold winds and the worst part was stepping on a sea urchin while launching!!

From then on, I have been to Thailand, Holland, Poland, France, Italy, China, Malaysia, Belgium, Myanmar & Japan. It has been such an honour to be able to travel around the world to train and compete against other athletes. Through all these trips, I have learnt to be self-reliant and to persevere.


What does qualifying for the Asian Games mean to you?

Qualifying for Asian Games this year would mean a lot to me as it would also be the last major event that I will attend with my coach, Krai, who has been coaching me since 2012. I would also like to bring glory to Singapore and making the country proud.


What has been the hardest thing about getting to the Asian Games?

The hardest thing for me was getting back on track as I took a long break from Windsurfing to cope with school. I came back this year after finding out that they had change the RS:One age group. I knew it would be very hard for me if I wanted to qualify. My fitness was poor so I had to start building it up and being a Year 2 Architecture student, it is not easy to cope because of the deadlines.

Tell me about a time when you were tempted to quit the sport but didn’t.

It was during mid-2013 that I was tempted to quit. I felt like I wasn’t making anyone proud because whenever I travelled for overseas competitions, I would come back empty-handed.


Has any injury affected your performance before? How did you deal with it?

In 2014, just two weeks before Techno World’s in France, my team and I went to Pulau Ubin for a cycling trip with our coach. During the trip there, I was cycling really quickly and 2 stray dogs came out dashing across, which caused me to lose control of the bike. In order to avoid crashing into my friend, I swerved the bike and the handle hit straight in my groin area. It resulted in a huge hematoma.

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