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Where and when will the 2018 Asian Games be held? What type of boats will feature at the 2018 edition? How many medals has Singapore won at the Games?

In this ultimate guide, you’ll find the answer to all the questions you’ve ever had about Sailing at the 2018 Asian Games and more.

About the 2018 Asian Games

The Asian Games is the largest multi-sport event after the Olympics. The Games are held every four years and sees athletes from all over Asia pit themselves against one another. The 2018 Asian Games will be the 18th edition of the Games.

When: 18th August to 2nd September 2018

Where: Indonesia. The 2018 Asian Games will be the first edition to be co-hosted by two cities – Jakarta and Palembang.

Asian Games location - Map of Jakarta and Palembang

Countries: 45 nations

Sports: 462 events across 40 sports.

Motto: Energy of Asia. The motto was meant to describe the spirit of Asia, which lies in the diversity of its culture, heritage, and legacy, that makes it a major force to be reckoned with in the world.

Three mascots represent different aspects of competitive sports

Bhin Bhin, a bird of paradise (Paradisaea Apoda), represents strategy. Kaka, a single-horned rhinoceros (Rhinoceros Sondaicus), represents strength. Atung, a Bawean deer (Hyelaphus Kuhlii), represents speed.

Asian Games 2018 Mascots

Sailing at the Asian Games

Sailing has featured in every edition of the Asian Games since its 6th edition in 1970, with the exception of the 1974 Asian Games held in Iran.

Venue: Ancol, which is located along the northern coastline of Jakarta.

Date: 18th August to 2nd September 2018

Events: There will be a total of 10 Sailing events.

  • Laser 4.7 (Open)
  • Laser Radial (W)
  • Laser Standard (M)
  • RS:One (Mixed Team)
  • RS:X (M)
  • RS:X (W)
  • 470 (M)
  • 470 (W)
  • 49er (M)
  • 49erFX (F)

The Optimist and 420 class, both of which featured in the last 5 editions of the Games, were cut from 2018 Asian Games.

The Singapore Sailing Team

Sailing has been Singapore’s most successful sport at the Asian Games since the 1994 Asian Games in Hiroshima, having brought home a total of 37 medals – 13 Golds, 9 Silvers and 15 Bronzes.

Singapore Sailing Asian Games Medal Tally 1994-2014


In fact, at the 2014 Asian Games in Korea, the Singapore Sailing Team was responsible for more than a quarter of Singapore’s total medal haul. Team Singapore returned with a total of 24 medals, of which seven (3 Golds, 2 Silvers, 2 Bronzes) were won by our sailors.

The last edition of the Games also saw Singapore finish joint-second with China in the Sailing medal tally. Korea topped the table with four Golds.

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